Asalaamu-alaykum wa Rahmatullah, and welcome to Salafi Independent School.

We hope that by browsing the following pages you’ll find out about the life of the school and view some of the exciting events that we provide each term for our pupils. We are a vibrant and happy community providing an exciting variety of opportunities for our children to develop their talents, to enjoy themselves and to flourish as individuals. It is also a place where our Islamic values are exemplified and developed in all facets of school life. Our children are bright and enthusiastic. They thrive in our relaxed, supportive atmosphere, and take personal responsibility for their own learning.

We believe that children learn best when they are happy and stimulated to learn. Each term the school provides exciting events in addition to the normal curriculum to motivate and inspire our pupils. As well as these ongoing activities we will be holding Science days, a French breakfast, a literacy week with a visiting writer which includes a whole school story writing event in which the stories will be published in book form.

The school is eager to promote pupils’ appreciation of art and culture. We run residential visits in year 5/6 to Wales and soon to an activity centre in Shropshire where children can undertake adventurous activities, including fishing, climbing and archery.

Our staff work with great skill and dedication and provide enjoyable and challenging experiences that stretch our children’s learning to its limits. Whilst a high emphasis is placed upon the literacy and numeracy skills that are essential for success, we also look for broader measures of success: our students’ personal development, their satisfaction and their confidence for the future.

This is a really special school; a stimulating environment and a great experience. We hope you enjoy viewing our website. We try to ensure that it is regularly updated with examples of the pupils’ work. If you have any queries regarding the school please feel free to make an appointment with me on 0121 772 4567.

Dr Saeed P Alam
PGCE (University of Birmingham)
Head Teacher
Salafi Independent School
Birmingham, UK